Our history

From Visby to Södertälje

Since 1995

La Fontana was founded with the principle of serving a modern Scandinavian menu infiltrated by Italian cuisine, today we are much more than that.  

La Fontana was founded in 1995 and is Visby's first Italian restaurant. The concept has been developed and refined over the years where we constantly want to improve. La Fontana currently consists of two restaurants, with the second opening at the beginning of 2023.

2023 Södertälje

In the heart of Södertälje, more precisely at Strandgatan 10, is La Fontana. It was during the pandemic that the idea of developing and taking the concept to the mainland was created.

La Fontana opened its doors in Södertälje in January 2023. With a concept unlike any other, we try to create the best taste experiences in a lovely
atmosphere together with a sociable gathering.

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