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Södertälje meets Italian food culture

In the heart of Södertälje, more precisely at Strandgatan 10, is La Fontana. Here, dishes from different parts of Italy are gathered, which are prepared with fresh ingredients and love.

Our concept is about creating a menu where our guests can enjoy a good dinner in a relaxed environment. Italian cuisine is not really one cuisine, but several, as food preferences vary greatly around Italy. Thus, we have divided the dinner according to the Italian dinner with four courses: antipasto, an appetizer that often consists of cold cuts and cheese with various accessories; primi piatti, a solid snack that often consists of the dinner's carbohydrate intake in the form of pasta or risotto; secondi piatti, Dinner's protein in the form of meat, poultry or fish served with various side dishes such as vegetables or potatoes; dolci, the dinner ends with something sweet or fresh fruit.

Modern menu
inspired by Italy

 Our menu also includes dishes from other food cultures that are combined with Italian cuisine. At La Fontana, the dishes are carefully selected so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a good dinner. We strive to always develop and create good taste experiences where our goal is for the guest to return.

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